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We utilize various forms of payments. For remote clients, we utilize Paypal or Quickbooks to invoice our services and complete transactions. For Local Clients, we take Cash or Card. 

Late Payments

We normally ask that you pay when the job or service is wrapping up before we hand over the website or equipment. We understand every situation is different so we can work with you and offer a 30-day invoice. Failure to pay by the 30 days will incur a late fee of $50.00. 

Ordering Products/Services for an Organization

Please make sure if you are ordering our services for a company that you have all the correct authorizations and funds before beginning to work with us.  Due to this being abused we will now be requiring all future transactions to have signatures from someone in Billing/Finance or a Corporate level employee before we order any equipment or conduct any work. 

Cancelling Our Services

We understand that you may need to cancel a project or service before it is complete. Please give at least a week's notice to wrap up any items we left unfinished and to put together a final bill. We also will hand over any documents, passwords and other materials as well as give a final rundown on what is left to complete.

We also reserve the right to refuse to work with a client/company if the relationship is not professional and cordial. The same rules apply to Cancelling our Services

Referrals / Return Customers

We love Referrals and Return Customers. If someone referred you to us please let us know and both you and the person referring you will get a discount on our services!